Vlad specializes in art direction, design and technical supervision for digital sets.
He combines architectural and 3D computer graphics training to supervise the design, construction and asset management of digital environments both within the Art Department and VFX studios. Worked in 3D alongside Production Designer and art department team to obtain final approval for concept before taking the 3D /2D assets further into pre-visualization and post production.
Vlad has 20 years of visual effects experience working with computer graphics projects. He’s supervised 3D modelers, set designers, concept artists, animators, compositors and programmers from shot inception to final delivery. He has extended experience in 3D modeling, image retouching, rendering and animation applications Maya 16y, mental ray 16y , Shake 3y, Adobe Photoshop CS 20y, Adobe Premiere and Rhino3D.

Work Experience




Disney || Guardians Of The Galaxy – Vol2 || 2017
Art Director


EuropaCorp || Valerian || 2017
VFX Concept Artist


Warner Bros || GeoStorm || 2017
Art Director


Warner Bros || Midnight Special || 2016
Art Director


Disney || Tomorrowland || 2015
Concept Art Director


Warner Bros || Man Of Steel || 2013
Art Director


DreamWorks Animation || Rise of the Guardians || 2012
3D Concept Artist, Digital Set Designer


Onyx Films || Upside / Down || 2012
Art Director Digital Sets


New Regency || In Time || 2011
Art Director


DreamWorks Animation || Megamind ||  2010
3D Concept Artist, Digital Set Designer


Paramount Pictures w/ The Syndicate || Shine A Light – Rolling Stones || 2007
Digital Set Designer, 3D Environment TD


Sony Pictures w/ Cafe FX || Spiderman 3 || 2007
Digital Set Designer, 3D Environment TD


Columbia Pictures w/ The Senate || The DaVinci Code || 2006
Digital Set Designer, 3D Environment Supervisor


Dimension Films w/ Cafe FX || Sin City || 2005
Digital Set Designer, Lead 3D Artist


Warner Bros. w/ ESC Entertainment || Cat Woman || 2004
Digital Set Designer, 3D Environment TD


Warner Bros. w/ ESC Entertainment || Matrix Revolutions || 2004
Digital Set Designer, 3D Environment TD


Warner Bros. w/ ESC Entertainment || Matrix Reloaded || 2003
Digital Set Designer, 3D Environment TD


Warner Bros. w/ Manex VFX || 13 Ghosts || 2001
Digital Set Designer, 3D Environment TD




Oculus Story Studio || Wolves In The Wall || 2017
Digital Set Designer


Intel and USC || Leviathan || 2015
Art Director Digital Sets




Boeing || Boeing Customer Experience Center || 2013
Art Director Digital Sets, 3D Environment TD


NBC || Dinner With History || 2012
Art Director Digital Sets, 3D Environment TD


MIT Media Lab || Death And The Powers (opera) || 2011
Visual Development, 3D TD


NAU Creative || MTV Movie Awards || 2007
Visual Effects Supervisor


The Syndicate || ESPN Monday Night || 2007
Art Director Digital Sets


Full Tank || Team One || 2007
3D Concept Artist, Lead 3D Environment TD


The Syndicate || Ford Fusion (ad campaign) || 2005
Art Director Digital Sets, 3D Environment TD


Pratt Institute / Massachusetts Institute Of Technology New York, NY / Cambridge, MA
Awarded Fulbright Scholarship to pursue Master of Architecture 2 with a minor in CAD. 1992 – May 1994. Credits were taken both at Pratt and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thesis: “A study on the relations among visual perception psychology, the logic of typology processes and the theoretical basis of computer aided design”. Thesis adviser: Dr. Richard Scherr – Chair of the Graduate Department of Architecture, Pratt Institute. “ION MINCU” INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE Bucharest, Romania Master of Architecture, 1984 -1990 Thesis: “A Multifunctional Art Center”.


2016 Art Directors Guild: Excellence In Production Design Award, Fantasy Film for “Tomorrowland” – Nomination
2009 Perspective Magazine, Art Directors Guild “The Medium And the Message” (article) 2008 Elemental 3 Awards Committee *
2007 Computer Graphics World: “Entertainment architects” (interview)
2007 Maya Masters nominee *
2007 Judge for CG Architect International Visualization Competition*
2007 VizMasters Convention presentation: “Hybrid Production Design Pipelines” (article)
2006 Computer Graphics World: “Staging Action on Virtual Sets” (interview)
2006 Cinefex: “The DaVinci Code”
2006 CG Architect: “Production Design: from analog to digital to built environments [..]” (article) 2006 3D World: “The DaVinci Code” (interview)
2004 Cinefex : “Matrix Revolutions, heavy metal” (short interview )
2004 CGNetworks: “Matrix Revolutions” (short interview )|
1998 Computer Graphics World: “A Case For Digital Set Design” (article)
1998 Internet site ( ) selected and published by exclusive “TOP 3D Artists Ring”