Tyler Esselstrom

Lead the lighting team on various feature projects as well as set construction, surfacing and texture work. Able to take shots from previs to completion including Nuke compositing. Developed Python tools for the lighting team as well behind the scenes pipeline automation.

Solid production experience with VRay, Mental Ray, Arnold, and real-time game engines including Unreal Engine and CryENGINE.

Work Experience


Blur    //    Apr 15 – June 15

CG Generalist

  • Fallen Empire



ScanlineVFX     //     Nov 13 – Apr 15

CG Supervisor


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

  • Helped out with the early stages of the film.


Furious 7 (2015)

  • CG Supervisor on over 650 shots. Created the Abu Dhabi Lykan Hypersport tower jump sequence, and full LA environments and collapsing car park and structure for the end of the film.


Game of Thrones Season 4: “The Children” (2014)

  • CG Supervisor on over 140 shots with fully digital white walkers that got the episode an Emmy award for best VFX in a television series.


Divergent (2014)

  • Lighting TD on multiple shots and sequences


Pompeii (2014)

  • Lighting TD on multiple shots



Double Negative   //    Jun. 13 – Oct 13

Lighting TD

  • Supported the lighting team with lighting rigs, textures and materials for shots on Thor: The Dark World



Mirada Studios    //    Feb. 12 – June 13

Lighting Lead/TD

  • Helping develop lighting pipeline and completing shots for various projects (Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim Feature Film, Munsters: Mockingbird Lane Pilot, Disney Commercials and promotional materials, Colgate, Target)


Logan LA    //    May 11 – Mar. 12

Lighting TD/Look Dev

  • Setting look and lighting shots on various commercial projects using Mental Ray and Maya


Ntropic    //    Sep. 11 – Dec. 11

Underworld Awakening – Senior Lighting Artist/Generalist

  • Completed FX elements in stereo


Pixomondo    //    May 11 – Nov. 11

Hugo – Senior Look Dev/Lighting TD

  • Tasked with moving Pixomondo London’s Maya pipeline over to the Santa Monica office
  • Developed proprietary tools to incorporate Massive crowd sim data into Maya
  • Sent to Pixomondo London to help the lighting team. While there, wrote tools to support the lighting team and supervised best practices and optimization in Maya Vray.
  • Worked closely with IT and IO in order to utilize the render farms in four different Pixomondo facilities in four different countries.


Digital Domain    //    Feb. 10 – May 11

X-Men: First Class – Digital Artist/Generalist

  • Was responsible for the look and set construction of the twelve-sided mirrored submarine interior sequence
  • Textured, surfaced, and lit the environment and choreographed set layout


Dodge Charger “Future of Driving” Commercial

  • Lighting for holographic kitchen effects as well as environment lighting and look development.


Epics Bulletstorm

  • Setup and maintained a Unreal Engine pipeline in order to create the E3 trailer.


Public VFX    //    Apr. 10 – Dec. 10

Maya/Mental Ray Generalist

  • Provided rendered elements for the following projects: Chevy Malibu, Disney Dream Cruise Line, Verizon Wireless, Lincoln Automobiles


Flat Earth Productions    //    May 10 – Aug. 10

Piranha 3D – Lighting Lead/Lighting Pipeline TD

  • Worked on lighting and shading pipeline for the film
  • Setup lighting rigs and scripts for the lighting team.


CafeFX    //    Sep. 09 – Mar. 10

Alice in Wonderland 3D – Lighting Lead


Pendulum Studios    //    Mar. 07 – Sep. 09

Senior Lighting and Shading Artist

  • Was lighting TD and look development artist for the following pre-rendered cinematics:

Red Faction: Guerrilla, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, WWE 2008, Stuntman: Ignition.


Logistics Services International    //    Jun. 04 – Dec. 06

Graphic Specialist Level III

  • Created complex 3D models and animation for military training.
  • Designed interactive maintenance course-ware for the Marine variant of the V-22 Osprey.


Miami International University of Art & Design

B.F.A. Degree in Computer Animation 2004