Daniel Hayes

I am a Lighting Technical Director and Pipeline Programmer with a particular focus on complex technical and artistic challenges for over 10 years. Whether I am working at a small shop or a large studio, I bring to the table a proven set of skills that can tackle any project, no matter the scale or deadline. Experience working with some of great talents of the industry at places like Industrial Light and Magic and Sony Imageworks has made me comfortable leading teams, developing tools and working with clients and supervisors to develop artistic looks. I look forward to continuing a long history of producing good work, working with great artists and pushing our medium forward.


5 Katana  |  5 Nuke  |  5 Python  |  5 Maya   |  5 Vray  |   5 Renderman  |

5 Arnold |  4 QT   |  4 Linux IT |  3 Houdini  |  3 Mari  |  2 Modo  | 2 Windows IT  |  2 Web Development  |  2 C/C++  |


Work Experience

Industrial Light and Magic  ||   Mar. 14 – Present
Lighting – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”

  • Complex, character-focused lighting on high-profile projects
  • Assisting in developing next-generation Katana pipeline
  • Look-developing assets and lighting setups
  • Triage and problem-solving for rendering issues


RGH Themed Entertainment || Jul. 13 – Nov. 13
Lighting & Pipeline – “Red Sea Astrarium” Theme Park Cinematic

  • Assisted in developing a ground-up pipeline
  • Lighting and asset look-dev for client presentations


Prologue    ||    Mar. 13 – Jun. 13

Lighting Lead – “Destiny: Expedition” Game Cinematic

  • Lead a small team in lighting and look-dev of assets
  • Worked with supervisors and directors to establish overall look
  • Helped develop lighting and compositing tools
  • Developed assets and lighting setup


Engine Room    ||    Feb. 13

“NASCAR” Commercial – Lighting  TD


Logan    ||    Feb. 13

“Kia” Commercial – Lighting/Compositing  TD


Mirada    ||    Nov. 12 – Dec 12

“Feature Project under NDA” – Lighting/Compositing TD, Pipeline Developer


Mirada    ||    Oct. 12 – Nov 12

“UHC” Commercial – Lighting/Compositing TD


Ntopic    ||    Sept. 12

“ABC/Lincoln” Commercial – Lighting/Comp


Logan    ||    Jul. 12

“Microsoft Cloud” Commercial – Lighting/Composting TD


Imaginary Forces    ||    Jun. 12 – July 12

“O2” Commerical -Lighting/Comp

  • Helped develop the look of 3d assetsLighting for holographic kitchen effects as well as environment lighting and look development
  • Optimized Vray render settings
  • Wrote scripts to integrate nuke into existing pipeline


Saatchi & Saatchi    |    Apr. 12 – May 12

“Toyota.com” – Lighting/Compositing/Pipeline

  • Lit, rendered and composited web and print resolution car images
  • Wrote nuke gizmos to enhance pipeline efficiency
  • Helped develop standardized nuke template


Sony Pictures Imageworks    |    Jan. 12 – May  12

The Amazing Spiderman – Lighting/Compositing/Pipeline

  • Lit and composited shots on live and all-cg sequences.
  • Helped debug and develop CG building pipeline
  • Integrated Maya/Vray renders from Pixomondo with Arnold SPI renders.


Dr. D Studios    ||    May  11 – Nov. 11

Happy Feet 2 – Lighting/Compositing

  • Lit and look-dev’ed one of the most difficult sequences in the film entirely solo.
  • Helped debug and develop Nuke and Houdini pipeline, worked with technical teams to streamline workflows.
  • Assisted other lighting team members in optimizing many difficult shots.


Industrial Light and Magic    ||    Oct. 10 – May 11

Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon – Lighting

  • Worked directly with the VFX supervisor to light some of the most complex shots in the film.
  • Helped look-develop shot-specific assets and effects.


Sony Pictures Imageworks    ||    May 07 – Jan. 10

Alice in Wonderland, G-Force, Beowulf  – Lighting TD

  • Character and prop lookdev, custom katana nodes for complex effects on G-Force.
  • Lit and composited dozens of challenging shots on each project. Helped develop standardized nuke template
  • Helped develop and test new technologies related to lighting, compositing and rendering.
  • Lead a small team of junior TDs on G-Force doing technical lighting and comp development work early in production.
  • Did some of the first stereo conversion work on Beowulf 3D,


Sony Pictures Imageworks    ||    May 05 – May 07

Chronicles of Narnia, Ghost Rider, Spider Man 3  – Production Services Technician

  • Developed software for monitoring and debugging renderfarm and disk resources.
  • Developed a pipeline for processing 3rd-party vendor materials on Spider Man 3.


Digital Domain    ||    Mar. 04 – May 05

Commercials, Cinderella Man, Aeon Flux  – Technical Assistant / Data Coordinator

  • Developed software for automating backup/restore solutions, including early tests of digital cinema cameras.
  • Worked as a liason between production and the facility to allocate and optimize resources. Helped develop and test new technologies related to lighting, compositing and rendering.



Hampshire College            BA – Computer Graphics            2003


Worked on Academy Award Nominated Films: Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon

VES Member