Brandon Davis

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Effects animator and technical director specializing in natural phenomena with 15+ years experience on feature films and commercials.  Military Technical Advisor with over 12 years experience in Army airborne and special operations.



5 3dsmax  |  5 FumeFX  |  5 Krakatoa

4 Houdini  |  4 Thinking Particles  |  4 RealFlow  |  4 Naiad

Work Experience

Weta Digital LTD    //     2011 – 2015

Numerous Feature ProjectsEffects Technical Director

  • work focus has been on water, dust and smoke
  • projects include: “X-Men: First Class”, “Tin Tin”, “The Hobbit” Trilogy, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, “Man of Steel”, “The Jungle Book”
  • using Houdini and proprietary tools through Maya


Luma Pictures    //     2010 – 2011

Thor – Effects Animator

  • worked on “Thornado” and “Bifrost” effects using 3dsmax with FumeFX and Krakatoa


Method Studios    //     2010

Baby Carrots commercial – Effects Animator

  • created RBD sim using Houdini


Eight VFX    //     2010

Kesha Music Video “Take it Off” – Effects Animator

  • created fluid sims using 3dsmax with FumeFX


Public VFX    //     2010

Disney Cruise Line – 3D Artist

  • created a variety set extensions and elements using Houdini


Eight VFX    //     2010

Numerous Commercial Projects3D Artist

  • handled all 3D aspects of a series of hair product commercials for the Chinese market using 3dsmax


The Syndicate    //     2008-2010

Numerous Feature and Commericial Projects - Effects Lead

  • primary effects artist on features and commercials
  • led augmented effects team on larger projects
  • projects include “The Mummy III”, “Shutter Island” and “Alice in Wonderland”
  • using 3dsmax with FumeFX, Krakatoa and Thinking Particles, and Houdini


Digital Domain    //     2005-2008

Numerous Feature and Commercial Projects - Effects Animator

  • led a team of 12 Houdini artists in the development and execution of all effects elements for Thunderhead and Grand Prix sequences on “Speed Racer”
  • member of Water Team on “Flags of Our Fathers”
  • acted as in-house military advisor on “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Transformers”
  • worked on numerous commercials for Disney, BMW, Lexus and Saab
  • using Houdini with proprietary tools and 3dsmax

Cafe FX (formerly Computer Cafe)    //     2004

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – Effects Animator

  • created a rig for compositors to create additional layers of snow using 3dsmax
  • all work was done in spare time between missions while fighting in northern Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Uncharted Territory    //     2003-2004

Numerous Feature Prorjects - Lead 3D Artist

  • organized and led a 3D team to execute all VFX on mini-series “Kingdom in Twilight” and several shots on “The Day After Tomorrow” feature using 3dsmax


Digital Domain    //     2003

The Day After Tomorrow  – Effects Animator

  • created snow effects using Houdini and proprietary tools


Uncharted Territory    //     2002

Intermedia Logo – Lead 3D Artist

  • created all 3D elements using 3dsmax


Cafe FX (formerly Computer Cafe)    //     2002

The Core – Effects Animator

  • primary effects animator on Golden Gate Bridge destruction sequence using 3dsmax


Digital Dimension    //     2002

Final Destination 2 – Effects Animator

  • created effects for log sequence using 3dsmax


Uncharted Territory    //     2001-2002

Coronado – Lead 3D Artist

  • guided a small 3D team in the creation of over 600 shots
  • handled the most complex shots and developed tools for the artists using 3dsmax


Blur Studio    //     2000-2001

Numerous Projects - Effects Animator

  • worked on game cinematics, ride films and commercials using 3dsmax


Computer Cafe    //     1998-2000

Effects Animator – Various

  • handled vast majority of effects tasks for entire studio
  • projects include “Armageddon”, “Battlefield Earth” using 3dsmax


ConnectPR    //     1997-1998

Numerous Projects3D Artist/Editor

  • created and edited content for IT-related corporate media using 3dsmax


US Army  //   1988-1997

  • active duty service in a variety of airborne and special operations units
  • returned to military service from 2000-2007 in reserve status
  • specialized in Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense and Civil Military Operations
  • deployed to Iraq 2004-2005


John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School – 1995


Meritorious Service Medal, Combat Action Badge – Iraq, 2004-2005